2006 Augustine Volcanos

In 2006, we were the lovely 'Augustine Volcanos'
Paper-mache volcanos formed on-top of strawhats. We inserted a tin can at the head of the volcano (with the idea of putting something in there to make them smoke) and after trying dry ice and other hazardous substances, we finally went with smoking incense (which seemed to pose the least potential hazard to ourselves and others...barring something akin to the Michael-Jackson-Hair-OnFire-Incident).

Likely our easiest costume for skiing to date.

We tried re-grouping near the finish to re-light the incense that had gone out during the ski. They smoked some, but we really needed smoke-bombs our something colored and super dramatic to have them show-up given our forward motion.
Setting the stage for a tradition of recycling costumes, Shiway and I re-invented our hats into a make-shift Dolly Parton costume for the Pacific Seabird Group's three-legged snow shoe race a few months later.

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